Why Book a Therapy Session?

I'm sure that most of you will have suffered from a bad back at some point in your lives, even if it was just slight muscle soreness. Now imagine having to go for a run with your bad back...


This is what it would be like to ask your horse to work when he isn't in peak physical condition. 


Booking your horse a therapy session will provide a whole range of benefits, incorporating his entire body, such as improving his way of going, flexibility and muscle tension, making him feel happier and more comfortable, so that he can perform at his best for you.


Therapy is also incredibly beneficial to horses with ongoing conditions such as arthritis, when given in conjunction with veterinary treatment, to help with managing their symptoms and minimise discomfort. (See below for further details)

Canine therapy/further physiotherapy modalities coming soon...





Equine Body Work 

An Equine Body Work session begins with initial assessment of your horse, to identify any potential areas of discomfort.

It will then include soft tissue massage and passive stretching, to improve your horse's overall well being.

Benefits include improved performance, stamina and circulation, relief from muscle soreness and other a range of other positive results. 

Equine Body Work is recognised worldwide as a valuable complimentary therapy for horses of all shapes and sizes.


Initial consultation and session: £35


Follow up sessions: £30




The rehab programmes are great for horses that have suffered from injury. I will consult with your own vet to create a programme to take your horse from it's current state, back to it's optimum health.

Methods such as pole-work, exercise, etc. will be combined with a course of regular sports massage sessions, over a period of time, to ensure a steady, progressive recovery.


Each rehabilitation programme is tailored to suit the individual horse's needs. 
Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Bespoke Wellness/Competition Horse Programme  

All working horses are athletes and it is important that their bodies are kept in the best condition possible, so that they can comfortably carry out their work.

Wellness programmes can offer ongoing maintenence or can be booked as a one off treat for your horse.

Whether your horse is competing at the top of his game, or hacking around the countryside, I can create a programme to suit his needs and ensure he is fit for the job.


Initial consultation and session: £35


Follow up sessions: £30

Equissage Pulse  

I was lucky enough to work as a therapy advisor for Niagara Equissage back in 2016 (before a serious car accident ended) so as well as being able to provide sessions with an equine therapist background, I also have extensive knowledge on the technology used within the system. With the full kit I am able to provide full body sessions with the use of two hand units, as well as sessions just using the back pad. For more information regarding the Equissage Pulse, please head to the 'Equissage Pulse' page, under 'Therapy'. 

Full body session with back pad plus hand unit: £30

Back pad session: £20

Please Note...

The therapies provided are not a substitute for veterinary care. Should your horse be suffering from lameness or injury, please seek veterinary attention prior to booking a therapy session.


It is a legal requirement, in accordance to the Veterinary Act 1966, that any horse treated must only be done so with veterinary consent. Please contact your vet and seek their consent before booking your horse's therapy session.