The Equinosis® Q with Lameness Locator® - Demonstration Evening at Blaircourt Equine Clinic

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Back in Spring 2018 I was invited to a demonstration evening at Blaircourt Equine Clinic, by my horse's vet Patrick Traill. We had been discussing my intention to go back to university and study Veterinary Physiotherapy, and he suggested I attend the demonstration of the new Equinosis® Q with Lameness Locator® that the clinic had recently acquired.

Having spent years working as a show groom locally I have a developed a good professional relationship with the vets at Blaircourt and always seem to be backwards and forwards to the practice, especially as they are our small animal vets too, so I am very familiar with both the clinic and staff. However, this was the first time I would be attending an event there in a professional capacity and I was slightly nervous. Luckily when I arrived I noticed my lecturer from Writtle College, Sue Tracey, was also there, which calmed me down as I now had another familiar, friendly face. I spent many a time in Sue’s office having some sort of breakdown during my undergraduate degree, she has seen me cry more than most! It was great to know I had another experience person there who I could also learn from.

View of the paddocks at Blaircourt Equine Clinic

The Equinosis® Q with Lameness Locator® is a system which allows vets to objective measure lameness, allowing them to give the most effective diagnosis. The system uses non-invasive sensors placed on the horse to measure the movement and using these measurements, can provide a detailed report on issues detected for the vet (Equinosis®, 2019). It can be used in the field, so it is an invaluable piece of kit for the practice to have.

The system was demonstrated on two horses, and we were asked our opinion on what we saw before the report was generated. I didn’t feel very confident in speaking up in a group of experienced therapists with various skill sets, but in the small group I was with we had a little discussion about what we saw. I was delighted to see that I had the same opinion as both Patrick and the objective report given by the system (although the report gave us much more detail than we would be able to see with the naked eye). This did give me some confidence to trust my instinct and my knowledge, I felt like I took a great deal from the evening. A big thank you to everyone at Blaircourt Equine Clinic for the opportunity to attend the demonstration, I look forward to more in the future.


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