Caninology Canine Body Worker Course

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Beau, Derek and some of the other greyhounds relaxing

Back in August 2018 I attended the Caninology Canine Body Worker course at Writtle College.

I was extremely nervous to start a new course, especially as many of the other students had clinical experience with dogs, where I was mainly equine based. However, everyone was really friendly, I had an old lecturer next to me and I was back at Writtle, so I knew I would be fine. Four years prior I had gained my Equinology Equine Body Worker qualification, so I knew a little of what to expect and I couldn't wait to get started.

On the first day we met the greyhounds that were kindly lent to us from Clarke's greyhound rescue and I instantly fell in love. I had spend a little time with some ex-racing greyhounds whilst volunteering at the Dogs Trust so I knew what beautiful, placid dogs they were. Throughout the course we did have a few newbies brought in, but each day Beau and Derek would come through the door, settle down at my desk and snooze through the morning lectures. Towards the end Derek would be so eager to be massaged he would instantly flop down on his side and then give everyone a look... he knew what he wanted!

Many of the students also brought their own dogs to the course, however I felt that my two would not be suitable. We had only recently rehomed Reggie and he had a few issues so I felt that it would not be fair to him to surround him with strangers, especially as he was wary of his neck being touched due to being mistreated previously. Teddy, my labrador would have lapped up the attention, but I did not feel he would be happy to sit and be quiet throughout the lectures, especially with so many new friends to play with. I did take him on the last day, as we had less lecture time, and we spent doing more gait analysis and consolidating what we had learnt, he did love every second. He met so many new friends, both human and canine, I think he certainly loved his first day at school!

Ted watching himself on the big screen

I really felt that the course helped me at the beginning of my Veterinary Physiotherapist journey, as I came into the masters course with some canine knowledge. Since August I have been working on the externship required to gain my qualification. Keep an eye on my social media for updates!

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